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At Teska Benefits Inc. we partner with you to create customized, forward-thinking Employee Benefits and tax effective compensation plans over both the short and long term.

Specializing has allowed our firm to develop the expertise required to create cutting edge Benefit Strategies, at a reduced and sustainable cost. Innovation and creativity always drive our recommendations, and ensure that your benefit plan is fully aligned to the practices and budget established during our “The 360° Discovery”.

The “Teska Advantage” comes from applying our unique annual process – “The Accelerated Insurance Breakthrough” which ensures that nothing is left to chance. Every aspect of your Group Insurance and Group Retirement Programs will go through a rigorous on-going process that will ensure a successful outcome in achieving your goals and “maximizing the return on your invested dollars”.

The Accelerated Insurance Breakthrough

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How you’ll benefit

There is much to gain in offering a comprehensive benefit program for your employees:

  • Enhances recruitment and retention possibilities

  • Creates committed and engaged employees

  • Increased retention of high performers and key employees

  • Deep organizational expertise

  • Healthy workforce

  • Safe workplace practices

  • Stronger customer relationships

  • Corporate policy in the event of premature death or disability

  • Increased productivity and revenue per employee

Extensive financial security

Employer sponsored group benefits provide financial security in such areas as:

  • Life insurance

  • Critical illness and disability benefits

  • Health care including Paramedical Services and Prescription Drugs

  • Vision care services

  • Dental care services

  • Pensions and other forms of retirement savings

  • Coverage for Inpatriates and Expatriates

  • Private Health Accounts

  • Health & Wellness Programs and Strategies

  • Employee Assistance Program

Talent and Human Capital Management

Many studies have shown that employees are putting more weight on the value of an employer’s benefit program. Statistics reveal that in most cases, employees prefer a comprehensive benefit plan as opposed to higher remuneration.

Whether your efforts are aimed at retaining key employees or at attracting new talent to your company, the value of your program cannot be ignored. Employee loyalty begins with an attractive and sustainable benefit program. As such, Employee Benefits have become a major component of Employee Compensation.

Teska’s approach is based on creating a customized Employee Benefit program, focused on a Total Compensation Formula. This is the cornerstone for the successful management of your company benefit program.

Here are the many advantages to making Talent and Human Capital Management a priority in your business:

  • Increased productivity and revenue per employee

  • Increased retention of high performers and key employees

  • Increased ability to attract, hire and retain the best talent

  • Ability to respond to various economic conditions

  • Sustainable growth in your company

  • Ultimately, your organization will have a significant competitive advantage!

Healthy People = Healthy Organizations = Productive and Profitable Companies

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