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The recent pandemic has left many people concerned about their personal situation.  Teska Benefits is committed to helping plan members and plan sponsors protect their physical, mental and financial health.  As we all cope with the impacts of COVID-19, we want you to know we are here for you, working hard to take care of your benefit needs.

From the start of the outbreak, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and business partners has been our top priority, and we have mobilized quickly to keep everyone safe, while continuing to serve you.

This page contains helpful resources and answers to questions you may have. We’re here to help. You are our top priority!

Links to helpful websites:

Government of Canada COVID-19 page:

Government of Québec COVID-19 page:

Employment insurance:

Teska Service team: [email protected]

Employee – Plan participant

Managing your benefits

Carriers offer the possibility for all plan participants to manage their benefits with various virtual tools, including Internet or mobile Applications:

  • Submit claims
  • Access your benefit card
  • Review claims activity and balances
  • Review details of your coverage in your benefit booklet
  • View and print a copy of your personalized benefits summary
  • Update personal info (address, contact info and banking information)

Plan members not currently registered may do so via the carrier’s web site, or mobile Application.

Disability benefit coverage

Most carriers are allowing the extension of the coverage for Short and Long Term Disability benefits for non-active, or laid-off plan participants.  Essentially, if this options has been selected, temporary laid-off employees will continue to be covered for their group insurance disability benefits, resulting from illness, injury or accident.

Should a disability occur, review your group insurance coverage to identify the coverage available under your program.  If a Short Term disability program is offered, the carrier web site or mobile application will provide you with the details required to begin the claim process.  If your program does not offer Short Term disability, you should be eligible for the Employment Insurance Health Benefit. The above link included in this page will guide you with all the pertinent details required.

If your program includes a Long Term disability benefit, please review the waiting period and advise your immediate supervisor of the situation.  Support can be offered by our service team by sending us a message at the Teska Service email address.

Quarantined employees

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 (with or without symptoms), are unable to work and have STD benefits, you can access your STD benefit by completing the Short Term Disability benefit form from your carrier. For these claims only, most carriers have decided to waive the waiting period.  Please contact our service team if you have questions regarding this coverage.

If you don’t have STD benefits, you can apply for employment insurance via the government web site for this social benefit. 

For COVID-19, the waiting period is being waived. 

Travel insurance coverage

The Canadian Government has urged Canadians to avoid non-essential travel until further notice. Anyone returning to Canada from abroad must, by law, self-quarantine for 14 days. Canada’s border is closed to foreign visitors. Essential travel related to trade and transportation is exempted from these restrictions. 

Generally speaking, the Travel Emergency Assistance Program provides emergency medical assistance for business and vacation travel of up to 60 continuous days (some plans offer up to 180 days). A travel emergency is a sudden, unexpected accident, or unforeseen sickness or injury that requires immediate medical attention. Your benefits booklet contains details on what services are covered, as well as various limitations and exclusions. 

Our Service Team can provide more details should a specific situation arise.  Quick & easy, simply email our Teska Service team for any questions: [email protected]

Employer – Policy management

Temporary lay-off

Your group insurance program includes provisions that allow for benefit continuation in the event of temporary lay-off.  Normally, this does not include Short and Long Term disability benefits. On an exception basis, the carriers are extending coverage for Short and Long Term disability for laid-off plan participants, for a 90 day period.  This applies to programs that currently have these benefits in their contracts.

We ask that you communicate your company plans and intentions with our Service Team so we may guide and assist you through this temporary situation.  Quick & easy, simply email our Teska Service team: [email protected]

Rehire process following temporary lay-off

Our service and administration team will manage this process for you.  When ready, simply send our service team a listing of the rehired employees and effective date of rehire.  Our team will reach out to you and coordinated any changes required to your plan participants’ coverages.

Premium payments

Certain carriers will be applying more lenient guidelines for the premiums administration.  Most carriers have extended their grace period for premium payment of 30 days, to 60 days. As such, claims will not be suspended should your premium be outstanding for this grace period.

Carriers are also open to discussing repayment options and programs with clients who are in temporary cash flow shortage situation.

Also, clients experiencing cash flow issues can request suspension of their benefit program temporarily, and reactivate the program without penalty once our social situation returns to normal.  

Should you require additional information regarding the options available with your carrier, we ask that you send our Service Team a note.  We will reach out to discuss your situation and the best strategy for you, considering your carrier’s options.

Renewal management

Certain carriers are offering to postpone the renewal dates by 60 days.  This applies only to certain carriers, for the renewals of April, May and June.

If a reduction in rates has been negotiated on your behalf, the carrier will apply the reduction at your original renewal date.

Carriers not offering a renewal date deferral will consider on a case-by-case basis, any requests for renewal postponement.  

Note: this could result in limited negotiations of the renewal, considering the carrier investment for the delayed renewal.