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Teska Benefits was created in 2004 to provide small and mid-sized business with an alternative to the “traditional Brokerage” approach to Employee Benefits and Corporate Insurance solutions.

Our expertise was built around a multi-disciplinary team, obsessed with providing value added solutions with a hands-on approach.

Our unique approach ensures that cost effective strategies are implemented and managed in order to provide maximum efficiency both on a risk management and value creation basis.

Our vision is to be the best in our industry, always working at enhancing the competitive edge of our clients, one at a time!

Our values and culture

  • We’re “all-in” – everything we do is backed with passion and unwavering commitment to your success

  • Excellence is our mantra – we believe in over-promising, and over-delivering

  • Our creativity and our passion result in optimal solutions for all our clients

  • We constantly seek new innovative strategies and solutions

  • We hire the best, and expect the best of them

Our expertise, and dedication to over-deliver, ensures continued success for you and your employees

Whether you’re a start-up or established company, private or public, we have a simple ambition; to make it easy for you and your team to navigate the complexities of your employee benefit and corporate insurance program.

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What we stand for

We work hard to offer a real alternative to insurance “as usual”. Teska Benefits Inc. is an advisory firm that aims to make everyone better off; our clients, employees, business partners, and the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Where the brightest and most dynamic people can collaborate to find creative and profitable insurance solutions for our clients!

Our Vision

Be the best in our industry, always working at enhancing the competitive edge of our clients, one at a time!

Teska in our Community

We are committed to making a difference! Partnering with us means that you are also making a difference!

Every year, Teska Benefits Inc. commits to donating a portion of our revenues towards the fight for a cure. We are also engaged in various activities aimed at helping to enhance the lives of people and families living with Cancer.

By working with Teska, you are also Fighting for a cure!

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