Your dependent child is over 21 and is back to school in September. Can he/she still benefit from your group benefit plan?

Each year, group insurance plan participants who have dependent children that are full time students (past age 21) are required to confirm the “student status” of their children to their insurance provider. This will ensure that “dependent students” continue to be insured under Health care (including prescription drugs) and Dental care until they reach the age of termination stipulated under your group insurance contract.

Definition of a dependent child considered full-time student:
A participant’s child who has no spouse, is aged between 21 and 26* and who is studying full-time at an accredited educational institution.

If your child meets these requirements :
You must confirm the student status to your insurer by submitting a proof of school attendance of your child.

The following documents are accepted as proof of school attendance:

  • A school evidence of full-time studies
  • A school schedule indicating a minimum of 4 courses or 12 hours for CEGEP or 12 credits for the undergraduate level

If your child is not attending school on a full time basis and is not insured under a private or group insurance plan, the child must then enrol in the Quebec Drug Plan (RAMQ).

If your child graduates, drops out of school or no longer meets the definition of an eligible dependent, you must inform your insurer.

* The age limit can vary from one insurer to another and from one province to another, please verify with your insurer or by consulting your employee booklet.

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