Non eligible claims : avoid surprises from your group benefit plan provider!

A growing list of non compliant practitioners

Over the last few months, we have learnt that the major group benefits provides are intensifying in-depth reviews of professional associations and health practitioners. In order to protect you, they check if the standards of these organizations are sufficient. They will no longer recognize the following associations and member practitioners.

​How does it impact you?

If your practitioner is not a member of an association recognized by your insurer, your insurer will refuse your claim.

Affected service providers mainly include paramedical providers (osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc.).

How can you prevent from not being reimbursed ?

By taking action before your treatment. You need to :

  • Ask your current or new caregiver to which professional association he / she is registered and ask for his or her license number if applicable;
  • Check with your insurer if they recognize the association and if they agree to repay

Tip: Save time and log in to your participating section on your insurance company to see the list of suppliers or associations that have been struck off. Indeed, a growing number of insurers list them on your so you can view them at any time.

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